A Little About Us...

We are a 30 year old nutraceutical company with a proven track record in successful health and body cleansing products. We use only the highest quality, key ingredients to help nourish your body and remove harmful toxins. Our extensive line of great-tasting products come in multiple forms including liquids, vegetable capsules, softgels and our new powder form to help your body achieve the maximum absorption possible. All of our products strictly meet and exceed the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines from formulation to manufacturing and testing, through end user fulfillment. As an industry leader, we pride ourselves on consistently providing our customers with quality products they have grown to love and we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

Live Healthy!

At Wellgenix we believe it should be easier to live healthy. We are all surrounded by toxic environments that affect our bodies with or without us knowing. Our products will do everything from fortify your natural defenses to removing those nasty pollutants from your system.

What Our Products Provide…

Immune Support

Immune Support has always been vital, but now more than ever. The immune system is your body’s natural defense system from bacteria, viruses, and parasites, all with the potential to make us sick.  A healthy immune system protects us by stopping pollutants from entering the body.  We have spent years formulating the most effective delivery methods with the best products so you’ll have the strongest immune system.

Balanced & Healthy Living

Eating right, sleeping enough, stress management and exercising are all very important aspects of living a healthy and balanced life.  It is also vital to take the appropriate supplements to ensure you receive the proper nutrients that could be lacking in your everyday diet.  Wellgenix provides tried and trusted products to maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing what is right for your body. 


Unfortunately, we live in a fairly toxic world.  Even those of us committed to living a clean and healthy lifestyle can still be exposed to toxins on a daily basis.  Wellgenix has been a leading provider for over 30 years of full body detox products to flush out toxins from your system. We are the original detox brand helping you get clean inside and out!

Max Cleanser DUO™

Our strongest cleanser yet! Max Cleanser DUO is 20x stronger and faster than other pre-mixed cleansers.  Suggested for any body mass with extreme or long term toxin exposure.

Immune Essentials™

Immune Essentials provides the comprehensive immune support your body needs. Our proprietary blend of Elderberry, Echinacea, Zinc, Colloidal Silver, Vitamin D, C, E, B has the most critical nutrients to keep your immune system at peak performance.

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