Max Cleanser Purge

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Directions: Empty Max Cleanser™ packet contents into 16-20 ounces of water. Shake well and drink entire contents. Drink an additional 12-24 ounces of water before and after use. Urinate a minimum of 3 times to expel pollutants completely.
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Advanced Detoxification Formula up to 3x stronger and faster than other pre-mixed cleansers. Contains 70% of the active cleansing ingredients in Original Max Cleanser Powder. Suggested for low body mass and light toxin exposure

Proven Ingredients

Puriclean Instant Max Cleanser PURGE™ is scientifically formulated with our proprietary Chloropsyllic Blend to be up to 3X stronger and work faster than any other pre-mixed liquid or capsule. Once a product is mixed with a liquid, the active ingredients begin to degrade and every day they get a little less potent. Capsules and tablets have to be broken down by your digestive system before your body can begin to absorb the ingredients which takes time and can reduce the effectiveness. With our new Puriclean Instant Max Cleanser PURGE™ delivery system, your body gets the full cleansing strength the second it enters your system.

Special Information

Unfortunately, we live in a fairly toxic world. Even those of us committed to living clean and eating healthy are likely to ingest, inhale, or produce disruptive substances that our body may need help unloading. Pollutants in the air, food, or water can damage our organs and tissues, so it is important to remove these pollutants from our bodies on a regular basis. Puriclean Instant Max Cleanser PURGE™ provides a safe and effective way to cleanse the body of these unwanted toxins. We recommend that you use Puriclean Instant Max Cleanser PURGE™ often so you can benefit from a cleaner, healthier body.


Eliminate all toxins from your daily routine as soon as possible, including alcohol and tobacco. Avoid food for 3 hours before using this product and continue avoiding foods while cleansing. Drink plenty of water before and after using this product. Urinate a minimum of 3 times to expel pollutants completely.